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We people believe that lemongrass tea offers multiple health benefits, but evidence is lacking. Lemongrass contains the inflammation-fighting compounds chlorogenic acid, isoorientin, and swertiajaponin.

Inflammation is a factor in many adverse health conditions, including pain and heart disease. As such, lemongrass tea could be a beneficial drink for people to incorporate into their diet.


100% Organic

We provide 100% Organic products. Welcome to our realm of organic abundance. We specialize in cultivating and providing a diverse array of farm-fresh, organic foods and herbs. Our eco-friendly packaging reflects our commitment to both quality and the environment.


We provide all-India delivery of our Organic products, from the golden nectar of honey to the vitality of bee pollen, and the rejuvenating properties of Giloy in both wet and dry forms, we offer nature’s goodness in its purest state.


We prioritize sustainable cultivation, meticulous processing, and rigorous quality control. This ensures that you receive products of exceptional freshness and nutritional value, customized to your preferences.

We Deal With Various Quality Organic Products!

  • Fresh fruits
  • Dry fruits
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Dried vegetables
  • Dried vegetables
  • Beauty products
  • Milk products
  • Organic honey
  • Organic tea

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