Shyama Tulsi also recognized as Krishna Tulsi, stands out as a distinctive variety of holy basil characterized by its dark green or purple leaves and a purple stem. Renowned for its medicinal properties, Shyama Tulsi is reputed to be less sweet than Rama Tulsi and is particularly valued for addressing respiratory issues, ear problems, and various skin conditions. The name “Shyama” is derived from the color of its leaves, reminiscent of Lord Krishna’s hue, earning it the moniker “dark tulsi.” Beyond its visual symbolism, Shyama Tulsi is esteemed for its peppery and crisp taste. In Hinduism, Tulsi is considered an auspicious plant, with religious texts associating it as the abode of Mother Tulsi and Lord Vishnu. Planting a Tulsi in the home is believed to bring positive energy, emphasizing its cultural and spiritual significance.

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